About Us

Scoopy Milk Bar is a Melbourne brand, established in 2018 that specialises in 'Patbingsu' or 'bingsu' a Korean shaved snow dessert. We aim to bring bringsu with a modern twist by developing creative flavour profiles and exciting textures with our toppings.
For us, bingsu is just the beginning of our food journey. We pride ourselves on on sourcing high quality ingredients from local suppliers. We create our flavours in house to ensure the quality of our product is at its peak in every bite. Our goal is to create a brand that allows our snow-like desserts to shine and create an experience like never before. We wish to continue to innovate to bring excitement and smiles to everyone who walks through our doors.
However, bingsu isn't all that we plan to do, let's get creative and make something worth your scoop!