How did we come up with Postcode Unlock?

Postcode Unlock is an initiative we started at Scoopy Milk Bar in March 2020 during the first lock down of metropolitan Melbourne. The aim was to provide free delivery to our Scoopy fans who live in suburbs outside of our regular service delivery area. When we were forced to move to a delivery model as many F&B operators experienced due to the impact of the health crisis coronavirus presented we were filled with anxiety and uncertainty. As we began to deliver to CBD and surrounding suburbs we had to reduce our staff to a minimum as we were not getting enough orders to support our usual volume we experienced during dine-in.

Fortunately, friends and family of Scoopy Milk Bar wanted bingsu. They wanted it to help keep their spirits strong during lockdown. We didn't want to charge our friends and family for delivery and instead we decided to ask the community of the corresponding suburbs if anyone would like to order for delivery. We were blown away by the response as it was clear that our friends and family weren't the only ones who wanted bingsu. As a result, our postcode unlock promotion was born. We didn't opt for third party delivery services to help keep our staff employed, provide free delivery, ensure the quality of our bingsu and have a direct communication with our customers.
As word got out about our promotion, our demand grew, customers began to message us their postcodes requesting to be unlocked. Now we visit over 150+ postcodes every week. We're so grateful to our customers and fans for their overwhelming support. We're so extremely fortunate to continue to operate during this difficult time and the most rewarding aspect is keeping our staff employed and spreading the love through our bingsu.

How to order for postcode unlock:
1. Follow us on Instagram/Facebook and check our Postcode Unlock highlight to see the currently active postcodes for ordering.
2. If your postcode has been unlocked then you can order with our messenger chat bot. 
3. Once your order has been processed you shall receive an order confirmation number (#0000) and the order will be delivered on the nominated day between 6:30PM - 8:30PM